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About Us

It's what's on the inside that counts

We only love the highest quality Gelato and thats exactly what we make for you!

Caliendo’s has deep family roots in artisanal Italian Gelato.


The Caliendo family emigrated to London from Naples in late 1880's and immediately started a business doing what they knew best, making gelato by the traditional hand-churning method and selling it to the local community in the heart of London known as 'Little Italy' in Clerkenwell


Michelina and Fiona's joint love of traditional Italian gelato started the journey to resurrect a family tradition of producing artisanal gelato


Combining our passion for classic cars "Caliendo’s Gelato is the Italian Job themed Gelateria, where craft meets passion with cheeky British flare"

Having trained with Italian gelato chefs, we pride ourselves on sourcing the finest ingredients from around the world to create the most delicious flavours ever made.

Compared to ice-cream our gelato is low in fat and sugar, using organic milk and cream, and only natural ingredients 

With over 200 recipes, we are constantly challenging ourselves to perfect the balance, texture and flavour

Head over to our social media pages to see our flavours


Opening Day December 2019

Parlour of the Year 2023

Winning UK Parlour of the Year 2023

Awards and Media

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